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Our story

Fairy pools

Scotland With a Guide was created by Carole Beaumont, originally from France.  She came to the Isle of Skye 12 years ago, where she now lives in the local community, raising a family and running her own wee tour company.


A few years ago, Carole got employed by an excursion company that ran tours from incoming cruise ships visiting Scotland.  Throughout the time, she met and worked with many lovely tour guides.  She started to notice that there was a short supply of multilingual speaking ones.  As Scotland was getting busier, she wanted to do something about it.  In no time at all she was creating her own walking tour business here on the Isle of Skye, one of Scotland's most celebrated islands. Bringing to life the small fishing village of Kyleakin. 

Over the years, she started to meet and connect  with other small tour companies and activity providers in other parts of Scotland, who had very similar ideas, and shared the same passion and love for what they did.  That's when this walking tour business started to evolve, and the idea for Scotland With A Guide came next.  Bringing people together, no matter what their language is, to enjoy experiences of their choice and with locals that really care about their community.

The activities shown on this website are available in English, Spanish and Chinese. For activities in French, please have a look here.

Meet the Team

I work with a great team of guides located all over  Scotland.

Below are the ones I am working with more frequently:

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